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Due to the notoriously inefficient Telkom Lines in our area, we request that you use the top 2 numbers to ensure prompt service.

La Bella Delivery Menu

NB: Prices are subject to change without notice.

From 1pm to 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday and 5PM to 9PM on Wednesday and Sunday.
7 days a week. 031-201 9176 ext 1
Deliveries to your doorstep within a 5km Route

All our Pizzas are made with our Famous
Thin Homemade Bases

Margherita(V) R70
Tomato Base with Mozzarella

Mama Bella(V) R85
Pitted Olives and Button Mushrooms

Vegetarian(V) R95
Olives, Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms

Roasted Butternut(V) R90
Roasted Butternut, Feta, Mushroom and Rocket.

Hawaiian R87
Ham and Pineapple

Regina R80
Ham and Mushroom

San Remo R97
Chicken, Button Mushrooms, Sweet
Chilli and Fresh Coriander

Parma Ham R122
Parma Ham, Rocket and shaved
Parmesan Cheese

Mexicana R100
Meaty Bolognaise, Peppers, Onion and
Fresh Chilli

BBQ R100
Ham, Salami, Bacon Bits and Onion with
BBQ Sauce

Crispy Bacon R103
Bacon Bits, Avo, Peppadew and Feta Cheese

Marco Pollo R120
Garlic, Marinated Chicken, Prawns and
fresh Coriander with your choice of
Chilli or Basil Pesto
Delicious with Chorizo R135

Ma Baker R119
Chicken, Mushroom, Feta, Fresh Tomato,
Cream cheese, Basil Pesto and Rocket.

Quattro Stagioni R135
Parma Ham, Mushrooms, Olives, Artichokes.

Diavola R100
Cherry Tomato, Salami, Mushrooms,
Chorizo, Fresh Chilli and peppers.

California R103
Bacon Bits, Avo, Banana, Feta and Pineapple

All Pasta Dishes served with Penne,
Spaghetti or our Homemade Fettuccine

Bolognese R83
Traditional Beef Bolognese served with Parmesan

Spaghetti & meatballs R85
Homemade Meatballs in Pomodoro sauce
with Basil Pesto and a dash of Cream

Alfredo R90
Ham and Mushrooms in a Creamy
Parmesan Sauce

Lasagne R85
Traditional beef Bolognese layered between
homemade Pasta Sheets topped with
Mozzarella and Parmesan

Pollo alla Crema R100
Sautéd Chicken and Mushrooms in
a Creamy Parmesan Sauce

Pepper Steak R105
Tender Sirloin Strips and Mushrooms in a
Black Pepper and Brandy Sauce

Chicken & Prawn R100
Chicken, Prawn, Green Chilli and Capers
in a Napoletana Sauce.

Sicilian Chicken Breast R103
Marinated Chicken, Olives & Sun Dried
Tomatoes cooked in Basil Pesto and Olive Oil,
topped with Mozzarella balls and Rocket

Salmon and Prawn R120
Prawns and Smoked Salmon with a Dijon
Mustard and Parmesan Cream sauce

Peri-Peri Chicken Livers R97
Chicken Livers prepared in our homemade
Peri-Peri sauce with a dash of cream

Chicken Pappardelle R95
Pappardelle with Marinated Chicken in a
Basil and Parmesan sauce.


Veg Alfredo R85
Creamy Parmesan Sauce with Mushroom.

Arrabiata R70
Pomodoro sauce with Chilli

Veg. Spinach & Butternut R90
Spinach Fettuccine in a Parmesan and Cream
Sauce topped with Roasted Butternut.


Mixed Greens with Avo, Parmesan Shavings
Marinated Olives, Croutons, Basil Pesto
and our homemade Dressing on the side.

Mixed Greens with Sautéd Chicken,
Bacon, Avo, Feta and Cherry Tomatoes
with our homemade Dressing on the side.

-Mozzarella and Garlic R50
-Bacon and Mozzarella R70

-Garlic, Olive Oil and Herbs R40
-Garlic, Olive Oil and Mozzarella R50
-Feta, Rocket and Caramelised Onion R55

Spaghetti Meatballs or Bolognese
Creamy Cheese Noodles
Chicken Strips (Fried or Grilled) and Chips
150g BBQ Ribs and Chips
Margherita or Hawaiian Pizza
Crumb Hake Strips and Chips

-Chocolate Brownies R45
-Freshly Baked Cakes R45

Artichokes R25 Feta R18
Bolognese Mince R23 Ham R18
Parma Ham R25 Olives R14
Peppers R11 Onions R7
Cherry Tomatoes R12 Pineapple R14
Mushrooms R14 Rocket R10
Chicken R20 Salami R18
Mozzarella R18 Banana R8
Avocado R18 Bacon R20

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